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About Gramble Glass

Gramble Glass is Graham Muir who cuts, shapes, grinds, polishes and kiln fires glass to produce original free standing panels, wall panels, hanging panels, coasters, plates, tiles and decorative items of many kinds.
All works are original and unique. Customers can buy off the shelf or work with Graham to create their own completely individual design in unfading brilliant colour for any location in their homes.

About Graham Muir (Gramble Glass)

I studied design at Glasgow College of Building and Printing graduating with a Diploma in Design in 1979. Since 1979. I worked as Interior Designer, Draughtsman, Project Manager, architectural model maker and various others, all in the design sector where I encountered and learned to love stained glass and then fused glass.
No other art medium allows the full intensity of light and colour that glass does and for me glass fusing was a natural evolution from stained glass work. I regard glass fusing as painting with light, allowing the creation of fully finished durable art with brilliant permanent colour.

List of outlets:
  • Arran Art Gallery, shore road, Arran, KA27 8QH
  • Atholl Gallery, 6 Atholl St, Dunkeld, PH8 OAR
  • Castaway Crafts, Dounby, Orkney, KW17 2HT
  • Coastal Design, 10 Hall St, Campbeltown, PA28 6BU
  • Coorie Doon, 80 Kempock St, Gourock, PA19 1ND
  • W Hourstons, 34 Albert St, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1HQ
  • J.B. Rosey, Stromness, Orkney, KW16 3AA
  • Tayvallich Inn, Tayvallich by Lochgilphead, PA31 8PN
  • Gramble Glass Workshop, 5 Calside Ave, Paisley, PA2 6DD